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Beautiful Tattoos for Cancer Survivors

By Bob Baxter

cancer-survivor-tattooOver the years we have featured several stories highlighting the connection of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and tattoos; stories of women whose lives were uplifted by having their post-operative scars transformed into flowers, birds or even, in this recent photo by Maury Englander, taken at the New York City tattoo Convention, an intricate “lace” camisole.

Read the full interview with Santa Barbara, California, tattoo artist Pat Fish, from Patricia O’Grady’s new book, The Guide to Breast Reconstruction over on Tattoo Road Trip – Baxter’s Tattoo Blog.

In the past several years I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some outstanding people whose lives have been forever shaped by their encounters with the disease of breast cancer. I truly believe that the way to live a fulfilled and satisfying life is to follow what you love, and let that interior gyroscope lead you to the things that make you happy. Tattooing allows me to be an agent of completion, a person who helps others to achieve a goal of wearing art on their bodies, in their skin, that can never be taken from them. For every person, there should be passions, enthusiasms, even obsessions, that can rightly give a clue as to what their appropriate tattoo should be. It is never for me to say what image a person should choose; your body is a temple and I’m just there to paint the walls. Every woman is unique, with her own special beauty. A tattoo can celebrate this with permanent jewelry that can never be lost or stolen. It is a wonderful life I have chosen. There have been many challenges and opportunities that I have been grateful for, fascinating clients and amazingly talented peers.

Excerpt from Interview with Pat Fish—Tattoo Artist