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‘Divergent’ tattoos inspired by UK artist – Nigel Palmer

Nigel Palmer has been identified as the unwitting inspiration behind the futuristic tattoos in the new movie ‘Divergent‘. Apparently Nigel didn’t know that his distinctive, geometric black and grey portfolio had caught the eye of Divergent production designer, Andy Nicholson until the press came calling.

With tattoos now an important part of the costume design for many TV series and films the question is – why are the true and talented artists like Nigel Palmer just “inspiring” them? Should the film studios be hiring top tattoo artists to create custom designs? And would the artists actually want to?

As Nigel himself explains on his website he “doesn’t design tattoos” but something tells us that if Summit Entertainment came calling before they start shooting ‘Divergent II, III etc that might all change.

“No. I don’t design tattoos. The details and overall look of the work is a result of the tattooing process, with much of the ‘design’ work being done as the tattooing proceeds.”

If you’ve got time on your hands, here’s a long painful scene where the stars’ tattoo gets revealed. Although in our opinion, you’d be far better off checking out more of Nigel Palmers’ much more detailed and intricate work like the head piece below, over on his site at http://nigelpalmer.com

Nigel Palmer Futuristic Tattoo