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Shocking New Tattoo Rules for the Military

By Bob Baxter

In yet another brilliant move to encourage dedication to the military, the U.S Army has “updated” its grooming standards—I’m sure it has something in the rule book about “no Mohawk hairstyles” or “no painted pinky nails”—and, guess what, it involves tattoos! Surprise, surprise! 

tattoos in the military

Here’s the 4-1-1: No commissions for enlisted members who sport more than four visible tattoos below their elbows or knees — no exceptions. According to Army Times, “Enlisted members with more than four tattoos that can be seen below either elbow or knee cannot be granted their requests to move into the commissioned officer ranks, even if they had their body art before the new rules were formed.” No grandfathering in your ink, according to Army Secretary John McHugh, who approved the ruling on March 6th. READ MORE on Tattoo Road Trip – Baxter’s Tattoo Blog.