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Who’s got Ovid tattooed on their tummy? Who has the Song of Songs down their spine? And whose tribute to her mother is in bad French? 

Ross BarkleyNo doubt his mind is firmly on the rigours of the World Cup challenge ahead.

So perhaps that’s why England footballer Ross Barkley has got himself a rather inspiring tattoo.

Quoting Aristotle, it reads: ‘No notice is taken of little evil, when it increases it strikes the eye.’

And he’s not alone.

Other celebrities have similarly profound quotation tattoos — be they sayings from Confucius, lines of poetry, great chunks of the Bible and even an excerpt from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th U.S. president.

So — with the help of some background information from Alison Boshoff — can you match the rather unlikely celebrity to the tattoo?
See the rest of the article and see how many you can guess.

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