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The Downside of Laser Tattoo Removal

By Bob Baxter

Ever since I saw the photos of a young woman who removed her ex-boyfriend’s name from her forearm with a scalpel, I decided to make a concerted effort to educate our readers about professional laser tattoo removal. Enlisting two of the country’s foremost experts in the field, Robert Pho of Skin Design Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dr. Steven B. Snyder, Owings Mills, Maryland, we proceeded to find and publish the names of others throughout America and Canada who specialize in laser removal of tattoos, both to remove ink their patients no longer want as well as taking off tattoos to make room for newer, more current designs. Well, surprise, surprise. 

Tattoo removal

Once again, companies eager to make a buck off the popularity of tattoos, see yet another way to make money off an industry they know practically nothing about. Sure, dermatologists have expensive laser equipment to remove port wine birthmarks, even hair follicles, but a tattoo, as those of us know, is a whole different breed of cat. To remove a tattoo successfully, the technician should know everything possible about how it got there in the first place, including, being tattooed themselves. Without that, it’s like taking a rare Renoir painting to be cleaned by the local car wash. READ MORE on Tattoo Road Trip – Baxter’s Tattoo Blog.