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The Tattoo Project + Kickstarter + YOU

Crowdfunding a piece of modern tattoo history

“Beauty is skin deep, but a tattoo goes all the way to the bone.” 
~ Vince Hemingson.

Images from The Tattoo Project film on Kickstarter.

You can help to tell the story behind these images and many many more by supporting The Tattoo Project film on Kickstarter.

The Tattoo Project is Hemingson’s attempt to prove that his apocryphal quote is true. Experimental photo shoot, gallery exhibition, coffee table book—so far The Tattoo Project has made waves in the photo and tattoo worlds. But where’s the documentary film? It’s one Kickstarter campaign away, one Kickstarter pledge at a time.  Every dollar makes a difference.  $10 gets you a copy of the film, and that’s just the beginning.

The Tattoo Project documentary team is turning to you – the tattoo and photography and art communities to help them over the final financial hurdle of editing the over 24 hours of amazing footage captured from the original three-day Tattoo Project Photo Shoot and the opening night of our amazing, one-of-a-kind Gallery Exhibition. The funding campaign will result in a one-hour broadcast quality documentary, and for the Special Edition version, another hour of behind the scenes footage and interviews with the creative team.

What the heck is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the premier pioneering website that offers independent artists, musicians, writers, and other creative concepts the opportunity to source financing from numerous ‘backers’, or as it is often called, ‘crowdfunding’.  Kickstarter uses reward-based crowding funding, where backers at different levels of funding receive different rewards.  But backers can also help finance a project they believe in by pledging as little as $1. And with Kickstarter, if you do not raise your full financial campaign goal, no funds are transferred to the campaign. It is an all or nothing proposition and it is definitely not charity. The reward-based crowdfunding model means you get tangible benefits and goods in return for your hard earned money.

What this means for you

The Tattoo Project team has worked hard to create a package of rewards for our backers that we are incredibly proud of, that are original and unique, and that represent extraordinary value for our backers.  By purchasing a copy of the film for as little as $10, a 2 Hour Special Edition Version for $25, a package of the Tattoo Project book and the Special Edition for $75, or even booking your own portrait shoot with award-winning photographer, Vince Hemingson for $500 (which includes the Special Edition documentary, the Tattoo Project book, and your own fine art print), you get high quality premium goods at a fair market value PLUS the feel good factor of lending a hand to co-create tattoo art history. Every dollar you pledge helps us create a piece of modern tattoo history. When you watch, The Tattoo Project: body. art. image. documentary we’re confident when we say, you will never look at a tattoo in the same way again.


The Tattoo Project Book

The Tattoo Project Book featuring over 240 stunning fine art portraits. Part of the Kickstarter reward package for all pledges over $75.

A journey to the heart of “who we are.”

The film is our one chance to make sense of The Tattoo Project. To go beneath the skin and behind the eye to explore the zone where tattoo art meets portrait art. It’s a journey to the heart of “who we are.” In other words, the film is our big chance to give our audience—you—your money’s worth.

Says Hemingson:

“I have always been struck by the extraordinary power that tattoos have to reveal a person’s inner self. What we wear on our skin is an outward reflection of who we are on the inside. So the symbols people choose to decorate their bodies with, they’re proclaiming to the rest of the world, “This is who I am.”

Can photography capture both the external self and the inner self?  That’s the big question, and the heart and the soul of The Tattoo Project. As Hemingson says, “If the body is a temple, then our tattoos are its stained-glass windows.”  Tattoos tell stories. Our film reveals those stories to you.

The Kickstarter Guarantee

Due to the unique way in which Kickstarter works you don’t pay a penny unless enough other people support the project and it reaches its target before the deadline. It’s like a focus group and a funding platform all in one. The people really do get to decide what gets made and what doesn’t. So step up, have your say, make your voice heard, declare that you want to see this story told. Declare it with $10 or $1,000, either way you’ll have our gratitude and we’ll send you your reward as soon as we wrap that final glorious editing session!

Check out the rewards and support the film HERE