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Top 10 Tattoo Designs in 2013

Tattoo designs take flight in 2013

 # 4. Octopus, Kraken and Squid Tattoos

kraken rumFrom getting ink that evokes the freedom and allure of flight and the open sky, the next trend in tattoos takes a dive for the watery deep.  This past year we tracked a huge number of searches for octopus tattoos, their meaning and symbolism, as well as other cephalopods, meanings squid tattoos and kraken tattoos.  Nautical and traditional maritime tattoos have been very popular for the past few years, although when you see large numbers of searches for kraken tattoos you have to wonder if this is due to marathon stints of Pirates of the Caribbean, or a fascination with the wonderfully entertaining Kraken Rum advertising.   As a design, the octopus is a tattoo artist’s and tattoo enthusiast’s dream. The creature’s very features giving it immense flexibility in the way it can be utilized as a design. Tentacles can be wrapped around arms and legs, draped over shoulders and wrapped around waists and backs. And because of their chameleon-like ability to change color to match their surroundings, octopi come in a veritable rainbow of colors. They are ideal designs to incorporate into large maritime scenes and they can symbolize a wide range of characteristics and virtues. A tattoo design doesn’t get much more ‘flexible’ than that.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that covers a lot of symbolic territory, then the squid or octopus tattoo may well be the motif you’re looking for. Naturally intelligent, creative and flexible, the octopus also acquires its mystique from the watery environment in which it lives. Add to that the octopus’ chameleon-like ability to change its color, or disappear in a cloud of black ink when frightened or attacked and you have an enigmatic phantom of magic, wonder and transformation. The mysteries of the untamed sea contribute to the sense of wonder and mystery that surrounds this eight-tentacled creature.

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