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Top Ten Tattooed Celebrities in 2013

Celebrity Ink.  That’s right.  “Celebrity Tattoos” is far and away one of the most popular tattoo search terms on the internet. We search for it, talk about it, compile lists of the “Best”, and “Worst” and “Latest” of the body art of the famous, not-so-famous, and the infamous.  Whether you’re beautiful, or notorious, an athlete or a musician, if you’re in the public eye and you have even the slightest amount of body art, people are going to search for images of it on the Internet.  And if you’re in the headlines, whether it’s it on the red carpet, arrested, in a police line-up, headed for or been released from rehab, died too soon, had a public meltdown or had your heart broken by another celebrity, then searches about you and your tattoos are going to spike.  Didn’t believe me when I said that I see dead people’s tattoos?  People still search for the tattoos of Anna Nicole Smith, Tupac and Amy Winehouse.  A lot…  Cue scary moaning sound off stage.

In the nineties, and brace yourself for this, Cher was the original Queen of Ink.  She has in turn passed the tattoo torch to Pamela Anderson, to Britney Spears, to Angelina Jolie, to Meagan Fox and now the tattoo “It” girl for 2013 is not hard to guess. But let’s enjoy the count down… At number ten is…

# 10. Lucy Lui

Lucy LiuActress Lucy Lui has been a staple on lists of the hot, sexy and beautiful for fifteen years.  From her days on Ally McBeal, to Charlie’s Angels, and Kill Bill, both Volumes, Lui has never been too far from the public eye.  You just won’t see many photos of her lower back, or the tiger tattoo that is said to reside there.  Lui’s latest gig on the small screen has her playing Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes on Elementary. The crazy thing is, we’ve never seen an authenticated photograph of the elusive tiger tattoo that apparently roams the nether regions of Liu’s lower back.  A free Tattoo Project coffee table book to the first reader who sends in the photograph!!!